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Spanish Virgin Olive oil from my stepfather 0.750 L

OLIVE OIL Spanish Virgin Olive Oil from the Production of my Beautiful Family, harvested by Carmen and José Vicente Ferrer Marzal.We are offering the harvest for the end of December 2019, delivered to Haute-Savoie in early January.The olives are pressed and the oil bottled at the local cooperative.The olive trees are located in the family "finca" which is in the center of a protected park, the Serra d'Espadan, near the Vall d'Uxxo and Valencia.Unique taste and flavors, magnificent color. These particularities come in particular from the typical species of olive trees of the Serra d'Espadan.Available in 0.750 L bottle and 2 L jug, for big olive oil lovers in the kitchen ... it's more practical ...


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