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This fine fruity cheese is a pressed dought cooked from raw milk whole. It comes in the form of wheels 50 cm in diameter and about 15 cm in height. Each wheel weighs 35 to 45 kg.

The crust is golden, straw coloured. After a minimum of 5 to 6 months of ripening, you get a very fine, melting cheese and a fruity taste. Available in maturing 10-12 months of cheeses exclusively made during the grazing period (April to October).

Pasta type: Pressed cooked Milk

type: Pure Cow Milk

characteristics: Raw Fat on finished product 30%

Preservation 4 to 8° C

affinage 7-12month

ingredients: MILK*, salt, lactic ferments, rennet.
Rind Washed



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The Meule de Léman is our brand new cheese from the Gruyères family. It is a pressed dough cooked with raw cow’s milk made at the foot of the Léman Alps, in the heart of the Vallé Verte, in our fruit cooperative of Bogève. The long maturing period of 10 to 12 months is reserved for the grinding wheels made in the summer, whose dough is yellow and more aromatic.The golden crust is fine, straw-coloured, and the melting and dense paste ranges from light yellow to bright according to the production season of the cheese. It presents some openings reminding it of its artisanal side. La Meule du Léman holds its place beautifully on your cheese platter. Accompanied by a Mondeuse Rouge from Domaine Grisard. It also reveals all its flavours in our Savoyard fondue.